Taki freeze-dried human grade cat & dog treats, 1 pack (9 ingredients)

Rp 56.000,00
by Taki

This is the crème de la crème of freeze-dry products, to pamper your furkids with the best ingredients you can possibly get...

8 reasons why you should buy:

  1. 100% single ingredient: No preservatives, fillers etc
  2. Premium ingredients: A4/A5 Wagyu, Hokkaido scallops, king salmon etc
  3. Freeze dried using proprietary technology to retain the nutritients, flavors and appearance of the ingredients
  4. Farm-to-table to ensure traceability, safety and quality: Ingredients are sourced directly from clean and sustainable farms in Japan, New Zealand, Australia, Chile and to the company's processing plant in Singapore
  5. 100% made in Singapore by a team of animal lovers and pawrents
  6. Perfect as pampering treats or meal toppers
  7. Individually packed: 5-10g of premium protein per pack
  8. Stable shelf life of 6 months at room temperature

Also available in boxes: https://kibbles.sg/collections/vendors?vendor=Taki&q=Taki

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